As a kid, My favorite word was, WHY. I had a healthy curiosity for why people did the things they did. I don’t really care how things work. I would rather know why people make the choices they do and live by the convictions they do.

Back To Back

For most, Religion is a “back to back” experience. By that I mean, We are to listen to the person giving the sermon and are not afforded the opportunity to ask questions.

Face To Face

While I was gaining an appreciation for the pastorate, at age 10, I still had questions. In my teen years, I stepped into a new experience. It was the way God wanted to be known all along.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. | John 1:1-2

John tells us that Jesus was literally “in the face of God” or “face to face” with the Father. This describes the intimacy the Father shares with the Son.

For some of us, We thought religion was only a “back to back” experience. We would love to have “face to face” experiences by having our questions heard or possibly answered.

Consider some of the people, in Jesus’ public ministry, who had “face to face” conversations with Jesus: 

  • Nicodemus (Popular Theologian) | John 3
  • Woman at the well | John 4
  • Woman caught in adultery | John 8
  • Pilate (Government Official) | John 18

 Where are you creating those spaces for yourself and others to ask questions? Don’t miss out on half of the experience.


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