I’ve never been one for scary films. My first introduction to “scary” was watching “Tales From The Crypt.” If you are over 30, you are welcome.

Americans love scary. We are thrill seekers for a creepy adrenaline rush.

I’ve noticed there is little consideration to one of the most evil characters – “The Devil.” There are many folks, who go to church, who haven’t made up their minds about this kind of “scary.”

What should we think about, when we think about the Devil? 

“Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.” | 1 Peter 5:8

1. Bowling

The Devil likes bowling?

When Peter talks about the function of “the Devil,” he’s telling us that this is someone who throws anything at us with divisive intent. The Devil loves a strike. There is no greater joy, for him, than watching something separate our lives, loved ones, and trust in Jesus.

The Devil is patient, calculated, precise, but also redundant. 

2. Ipod’s Stuck On Repeat | Self-Talk 

Two sides of arrogance: 

1. Extroverts bragging about how awesome they are.

2. Introverts making self-loathing statements – I’m not good enough. If only I . . .

The Devil gives us his broken ipods. It’s broken because it only plays a few recordings that are set on repeat.

Any student or young adult would hate an ipod with only a few tracks. These tracks are different. They are the self-talk we tell ourselves. We all do it.

The purpose of “The Devil” is to put you at odds with your Creator. It’s the accusations that divide us.

This truth is THE TENSION of the Christian life. It’s why people want to meet for counseling, need encouragement, and experience heartbreak.


What should we be asking? 

  • What is the cause of division in my life? (Think interpersonally.)
  • What do I think about “The Devil?”
  • What are the tracks of self-talk I play?
  • Where do I need to be lead in truth?

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