With the growing popularity and demand of Netflix and the availability of church online, it’s becoming easier to miss a weekend service. It’s not that people are “bad” or “back sliding,” but we are training ourselves to access information on our own terms and on our own time.

If you are a small group leader or in a small group, I want to challenge you to do something with your small group.


Decide, with your group, to go service together. To begin, try going one Sunday a month and after go to lunch as a group.

Preaching and Worshiping is so much more than just a visual or cognitive experience. When your group is processing a sermon together, it enhances your small group discussion.

Answer the why

A sermon and worship experience is a back to back experience. Your group can only sit, listen, consider, what is being said. A small group is a face to face experience. It’s in small group that you can flesh out what was said in the sermon, how you felt, what challenged you, or what you questioned.

Small Group Exercise

The next time your small group meets, do the following experience: Allow your group to get into groups of two. You’ll need paper and something to draw with. The person in the group with the paper and pen will do the drawing. This person is not allowed asking questions or even speaking.

However, the person not drawing is the person describing what the other is supposed to be drawing. Have fun with this! Pick a fun category or a crazy animal.

The point of the exercise is to show the similarity between the person drawing and to those who listen to a sermon, neither can ask questions and are only aloud to take in information and draw their own conclusions. Where as, if you are experiencing the sermon as a group you are free to ask questions, discuss your feelings and work through what was said. This encourages your group to be open to the idea of going to service and maybe grabbing lunch.

Going to church together gives your group new perspective into what it means to be a part of the service. Netflix is not going away, nor should it. If we give our groups something to anticipate during the back to back experience, we will see a higher quality to our face to face small group experience.


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