Leading your first small group can be intimidating. There are so many expectations. Often leaders are worried about two things, if they know enough Bible or are the seven questions given to them by their small group pastor going to fill the time.

While listening to a podcast on small groups, I heard the following statement:

A leader will ask themselves, “Do I know enough?” The members of the group are asking, “Do I want to be like you?”

As leaders, I think we can get so caught up in the material that we often forget the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer. Yes, we prepare, but it’s ultimately up to the Holy Spirit to lead people into the truth of their lives.

As you lead a small group, for the first time, or at the beginning a new season of small groups, consider the following unspoken needs of your group members:

  1. I need my relationship with you.
  2. I need to know I matter to you.
  3. I need to know my imperfections don’t push you away from me.
  4. I need to know that within your resources, you aren’t going to leave me.
  5. I need you to understand me.
  6. I need you to love me.

*Six needs from Safe People. | Dr. Cloud & Dr. Townsend

If there is no fear in love, as John 4:18 states, then group members and leaders have the right to ask leaders these six statements. If you provide a small group experience that upholds these six needs, you will have people that want to be like you. You will be worth following.


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