Morality is a dance whose rhythm is difficult to keep. Once we master our favorite move, accompanied by the over bite, it’s time to learn more steps. The worst thing is when you realized you showed up to the wrong party.

America has had an interesting rhythm with morality, politics, and religion. We all know that ideas have consequences. To say something doesn’t affect other people is not correct. We all share the same dance floor. We can’t actually believe movies like, Avatar, are true (We are all one with nature, each other, and even animals) and yet also believe, in equal tension, that one’s ideas don’t affect other people.

Most Americans have grown up believing a very dangerous idea – Being and doing good is the highest expression of what it means to be human. It sounds great and we do show our world glimmers of those things. However, It’s not the highest expression of what it means to be human.

1. Jesus denounces people who look to the Bible to be “good” or “moral.” | John 5:39-40 

“You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.” _ Jesus | John 5:39-40

Yes, Jesus wants you to read the Scriptures. However, Jesus doesn’t want you to read the Scriptures to be good or gage your morality to other people. The Bible is not about us. The Bible is about Jesus, but it was written for us.

What Jesus is saying, to these religious people, is critical. Jesus is saying, “You are reading the Torah/Bible to obey the rules. Do you not know that I am the Torah? I am the rules? I am the law of God in flesh? Do you not know that I am the Law of Moses? Like the 10 commandments were broken, so to will I be broken, because no one is “good enough.” Do you not know?

No we did not know.

2. Jesus can give us what morality never could. | John 5:40

If morality couldn’t save us, why do we think morality can keep us? It can’t. Yet, we strive and work for being good moral people. Because of the cross, Jesus DECLARES us to be something morality could never give us – Righteous, Holy, and Justified.

3. Everyone has opinions except Jesus. | Matthew 7:29 

In Matthew 7:29, crowds of people thought Jesus taught with authority. They were right, partially.

The Greek word for authority is the same English word we use for exit. It’s not that Jesus has authority, but that He is authority; from His bones exudes authority. Everyone has an opinion. Only God has authority.

4. What should we count on? 

Don’t agree with my lifestyle. I can’t be counted on to be moral or good enough.

If Jesus is God and if God has authority then we need to make Jesus the object of our faith. What does that mean? While life is always complex and out of rhythm, we can always trust that Jesus was perfect, moral, good, sweet, right, and holy – for us.

Before we projectile vomit onto social media, may we always remember that the worries of being good and being right have already been accomplished.

Please, don’t agree with my lifestyle. The object of my faith is not in my ability to be good, moral, or nice. The object of my faith is Jesus. I’m counting on him to have lived that perfect, sinless, “moral,” life because there is no way I could have done that.

On days where I completely mess up, I’m leaning into someone else’s best shot of living this life to qualify me when I am dead and gone.

In the words of the late Rich Mullins:

“God is right and the rest of us are just guessing.” 

What does all of this have to do with the Supreme Court’s Decision to legalize Gay Marriage? 

1. Nothing if you are not interested in freedom, rights, marriage, homosexuals or heterosexuals. 

2. This is different than Ken Ham, Richard Dawkins, & Creation Vs. Evolution. 

Growing up in the 90’s, the big debate was who created the world. If you were a Christian, the atheist was the “enemy.” Very quickly an eastern religion got lost in a westernized shuffle. The marriage debate is different in that you have both sides who would identify has Jesus loving and Jesus following Christians. Things split when you talk about marriage.

There is no doubt that Jesus weeps as he did when he saw people being mistreated by the religious leaders. Regardless of what side, of the issue, you are on – This isn’t a fight for rights. This is a fight for freedom. Jesus didn’t die to give us rights. Jesus died to declare us free. Again, this is something we don’t get if we aim to be good moral people.

3. If everyone agrees with you, you are doing it wrong.

When a morality decision is being made, people tend to play to their audience. If everyone agrees with you, You are probably not listening to “the other side.” Isn’t it just like us to split up into teams instead of getting to know one another? There is a maturity and growth when we befriend someone who will never “convert” to our ideas and yet they are closer than a brother. When was the last time you loved and served someone knowing they may never go to your church, or gay wedding, or . . . you fill in the blank.

In closing, I would like to thank the Gay community for three things: 

1. Demanding Christians to ask and know what is the sexual ethic of Scripture.

The church, for to long, as not addressed those issues and basically boiled it down to wait to do that, with that person, or else. Yes, the Scripture does have a sexual ethic that is good for all of humanity. I don’t know why, but sometimes Christians are afraid of really tough questions . . . maybe because it’s in answers they might find. If Jesus is the Law, in flesh, every question should lead to Jesus. I repent for our laziness.

2. Shouldering and bearing the weight of ignorant people.

Do I support same-sex marriage? No, because I don’t see that as being the sexual ethic of the Bible. Primarily, the act of sex and orgasms are a Christological statement about the person and work of Jesus – namely His creative and redemptive work. In that moment, we are saying something about Jesus.

While I disagree with those whom believe the Bible does support a same-sex marital ethic, you should be able to live out your pubic lives in a civil manner without fear of persecution or bad white mid-west preacher jokes. I repent for our immaturity.

3. Helping Christians see what we should be worshiping.

God is love, but love is not God. For a while, we’ve made Christianity to be this incredible subjective and emotive experience. While it can be those things, it’s also hardly any of those things. God can be known and is not only one of His attributes. I repent of only leaning into the idea of God is love while making a god out of love. I repent for making love a god and not listening to a loving God.

Don’t agree with my lifestyle. There are many times when I don’t agree with my own. This all the more reason why Jesus is sweeter, truer, and better.


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