My church is currently going through Gospel of Mark. When I say “going through” I mean lingering. Summer is for longer walks and late night conversations.

I found that people are both encouraged and intimidated when a church announces a lengthy stay in a book of the Bible. They are encouraged because they want to know and be transformed. They are intimidated because they feel like they can’t find those hidden gems a pastor might pull out on a Sunday morning.

The beauty of Scripture is that God can be known; namely in the person and work of Jesus. Like a parent who is trying to figure out the secret code of their child’s texting language or a college grad learning the values of their first company, we too get to learn the language, feel, movement, and art of the Scriptures.

Here are 6 resources to give you a framework for the Gospel of Mark and the overall narrative of the Gospels. Have a great summer and happy reading! All resources can be found on amazon.

1. References or overall works that you would look at from time to time 

The Torah: A Modern Commentary

The JPS Guide To Jewish Traditions

Jesus The Jewish Theologian by Brad Young

2. Easy To Read Commentaries. These are books that explain passages in the Bible.

Preaching Mark by Bonnie Thurston

The Gospel According to St. Mark by Mona Hooker

3. Small Group 

Jesus The King by Timothy Keller


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