Monday is a great reminder that all good things come to an end. The weekend is over and it’s back to the daily grind – work, school, sporting events, and other obligations.

How do you take an inspiring sermon, heartfelt worship, or encouraging conversation into your Monday?

1. Journal during the sermon.

Writing is a great way focus during the sermon and more importantly how the Spirit is moving in your soul. Think about it. When you write with pen and paper, you are not fighting updates, social media, or temptations to surf the web.

The folks I’ve met, who do this, take their notes into their week. For them, a sermon is more of a week long conversation that begins on Sunday. What amazes me are the notebooks after notebooks of what they decided to write down and how it has impacted them.

Preaching is more active than it is a passive experience. The more we engage, with a sermon, we are likely to interact with it during the week.

If you want to give journaling a try, try these.

2. Have A Better Work Flow

There is a great app called Overcast. It’s my favorite app for podcasts. I love listening to other preachers, leaders, and artists.

Overcast allows you to speed-up podcasts. I’m not a machine, but I like the functionality of listening to a sermon or leadership podcast at a quicker speed when my commutes are shorter.

Maybe think about improving your work flow and revisiting a sermon or worship set that really impacted you. It’s a great way to remind yourself that your work is meaningful and you don’t have to wait for the next sermon to be inspired.

3. Inspire Others

For the sake of a long theological post, “Church” simply means “The gathered ones.” If you know someone else who was inspired or encouraged by their weekend experience – take them out to lunch, write them a note, post something on their Facebook. The possibilities are endless.

We live in a world were connection is more assumed than realized. We may think we know how other people are doing due to what they post. Nothing is better than a face to face conversation.

More than a great sermon, we need great people willing to invest in others and wrestle through whatever was present during a weekend experience.

How do you take Sunday into your Monday? Leave a comment.


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