Parkway Campus,

1 year ago today I stood before you for the very first time – hopeful, excited, and nervous. I was ready to begin a new season, to tell new stories.

This last year has been one of the most enriching years of my professional and personal life. Krystal and I prayed we would find a church like Richwoods. It’s a church dead serious about its mission – to help people find and follow Christ.

I want to Thank You for what you have given me this last year: 

  1. I’ve rediscovered my first love.

John warns the church, in Revelation 2:4, not to forsake their first love. They actually forgot what it was like to have that personal relationship with Jesus. They forgot that space where  we discover the art of living well and the depths of ultimate reality.

To be honest, I was there. I wouldn’t say I ever stopped wanting a relationship with God. I did settle for lover’s less wild than Jesus – striving to making ministry look polished, well attended, and even “professional.” Somewhere along the way, my heart allowed me to view the church as an organization more than organism.

Your love of Jesus, myself, and my wife have brought me closer to Christ. It’s like what Donald Miller said in Blue Like Jazz – “Sometimes you have to watch someone love something, before you love it yourself.”

2. I’m surrounded by people who want to throw a good party! 

I know we have “services” every Sunday. I’ve never viewed it as a service. I’ve always viewed it as throwing a party for whomever decides to join us that day. One of the things that makes me so proud, to serve as our Campus Pastor, is that you are not afraid to love.

I always ask first time guests, “How was your visit?” Every time they say they’ve never met a friendlier church. In fact, you’re so good at throwing a party that we are thinking through how to throw two parties every Sunday.

3. You are the ink, to the pen, that is telling a great story. 

I often find myself smiling on Mondays (I know, right?) because of not only the ownership you show, but that you want to tell a great story. It’s a story you don’t want to stop with your kids or even your grandkids. It’s a story you want to pass on from generation to generation.

God continues to do incredible things through a campus that is 100% volunteer lead. I know the ask is high, but my goodness – look around at how God is using you!

There is more I could share, but there are more stories to tell, more folks to help find and follow Christ, more barriers to help others break through, and there is another season of growth and health ahead of us!

We are the results of one another. I am better for having known you.


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