Leading a ministry is a privilege.
Serving others is a privilege.
Volunteering is a privilege.

The definition of privilege is:
A special right or advantage, available only to a particular person or group.
Regarded as a rare opportunity, an honor or pleasure, bringing joy.

Some may say that only people who are qualified have the privilege to lead. I am no more qualified to be Area Leader of our Children’s Ministry, than someone I sit next to in the pew at church.

God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies those He calls.

Privilege is also known as an honor or rare opportunity. It truly is an honor to serve at church and be engaged in a ministry. When you are invested, you take church more seriously. You are going to church to receive the Word and be encouraged, but when invested in a ministry, your reason to attend becomes more personal. It feels more real.
For me, the Children’s Ministry is a rare opportunity, because they are not children for long. Influence is so imporant at this age.

Each of us who have answered God’s call to serve and volunteer, are an irreplaceable part of the Body of Christ in our church. Each of us have our unique gifts and talents that only we can do. We do not volunteer to better ourselves. Although this is an extra bonus and benefit of doing it, it is to better others.

Think on something with me for a moment. When you get paid for doing a job or task, it puts more demand and stress on you and your ability to do it right. When you volunteer, you don’t have as much pressure. You are volunteering, knowing you will not get “paid”,
when really, you are. When you are engaged in serving, it gives you further purpose. You are investing into the church and furthering the mission of the church. Especially when our church is volunteer led. The church could not continue to be what it is without you.

I am Leading… as a volunteer.

I can think of times in my 32 years of life that I volunteered. Each time I would argue that I was the one who came out of that experience more blessed than those I served. I encourage you to pray about if this is a good season to join a ministry at church. If you are already serving, I encourage you to pray and seek Our Father’s guidence if where you are is a good fit. There is greatness in changing things up once in a while.

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.”_ Galatians 6:10 

Once you start to step out and serve others, your heart will be on fire to continue.

God may even call you outside of the church to serve. He may send you downtown Chicago to a soup kitchen, or spend your Saturday helping with a food drive for the Midwest Food Bank at your local Kroger parking lot. He may call you out of the country on a mission trip or call you to serve in a weekend loving on people in recovery from alcohol and drugs. My brothers and sisters, hear the call and step out in Faith. We all want to be like Jesus, don’t we? Volunteering is just a step closer to being more like Him. We are, after all, His hands and feet.

_ Christine McDermet


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