A regular discussion I hear in ministry is how much do I put down on paper and how much should I move my tasks to an e-format. Admittedly, I don’t have the answer. I think both can work and certainly, a mixture of both can work.

This post is for the following person: 

  • A person who is on a team that currently doesn’t have an e-format for sharing information.
  • A person who is constantly frustrated by wondering where they wrote down that important note or task and can’t find it.
  • Someone who is more people oriented and finds themselves kicking themselves because they can’t remember when that event was occurring or maybe missed that important coffee meeting.

Here are a few reasons why I’ve shifted 90% of my work tasks and meetings to Evernote: 

  1. Evernote brings a team together. 

Evernote affords you the ability to allow as many people on your team to see what you’re discussing and to keep team members on task with responsibilities and responsibilities. Notes can be created, shared, and updated throughout the week so everyone knows how the team is making progress. This allows those weekly meetings to be check-in meetings vs long and arduous.

In my current position, I lead 4 teams that are all volunteer lead. On those teams, there are 3 key leaders per team. We all worked together to create an Evernote note. It’s the same 5-7 questions they ask their team every month. This allows them to lead their team and for me to touch base should the team need anything. I can be at the meeting without being in the meeting thanks to the shared note feature on Evernote. This is a game changer for large amounts of communication with volunteer lead ministry teams.

2. Notebook and Notebook Stacks Stacks 

Evernote allows you to create a “Notebook.” Think 90’s Trapper Keeper. All of your notes can fit into a “Notebook.” For Example, I have:

“Sunday Morning” Notebook Stack  

  • Notebook for Hosting Services in 2018
  • Offering Talks
  • Sunday Morning Review
  • Weekend Announcements

“Campus Planning” Notebook Stack

  • Campus Planning for the year
  • Ministry Team planning for the year
  • Pastoral Care
  • Quarterly Review

3. Give yourself permission to forget. – Set reminders! 

Evernote allows you to set reminders on any note. This is great for tasks for individual and team tasks. This also allows you to not forget following up with someone even if what needs following up is several weeks away. Every note has a clock icon you can click on and then tell that note what day and time you want to follow up with that note/task/person. You will get a notification on your app as well as an email when you. This is great for Pastoral Care.

4. Tagging 

Evernote allows you to come up with as many tags as you want for every note. You have the option to look at all of your tags that can bring multiple notes under one theme. This is great for sermon prep, creative meetings, year-long planning. Any tag/keyword or phrase can be used to jog your memory.

5. Evernote Clip 

If you purchase the “premium” or year-long subscription you will get access to “Clip.” This is an icon in your web browser. As you are searching for content and see something you like, click the “Clip” icon. Take a screenshot of your content and then it will let you chose what notebook to drop your screenshot into.

Evernote Templates I use every week: 


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